In Cold Blood

Mystery of the Antarctic’s gruesome ‘Blood Falls’ solved after secret lake that’s been hidden for one million years is discovered. 

A WOUND-LIKE gash that spurts red liquid out of a glacier has puzzled scientists since its discovery more than a century ago.

 An Australian geologist stumbled upon the Antarctic waterfall in 1911 and put forward the theory that the “blood” was just water that had been stained by microscopic red algae.

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Sea Lions In California Are Dying From A Toxic Algae That Ravages Their Brains

This is the “worst year ever” for the toxin linked to higher water temperatures and pollution, experts warn. Algae so toxic that it’s causing fatal brain damage in California sea lions is the latest problem plaguing ocean animal rescue operations along the Pacific coast. Domoic acid poisoning is emerging as a key threat this year to the animals that ingest the toxin while eating fish and other sea creatures that feed on algae, rescue organizations in southern California warn. Some birds and dolphins have also been affected by the algae, which authorities warn can be harmful to humans who eat shellfish. 

The neurotoxin that the Pseudo-nitzschia algae produces can destroy the brains of sea lions until they no longer know basic survival functions, such as how to evade predators and find food. It can cause sea lions to have seizures and paralysis, while one of the key signs of this dementia is when they are seen rolling their heads repeatedly. 

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Dublin, Ireland

I must visit Dublin one day.

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Around Scenic Dublin 
Raise a glass of the brown stuff (Guinness) and take off on a trip to Dublin, Ireland and make a day of it.

Dublin is a city steeped in history – boasting grand architecture, plenty of canal ways and a whole host of famous dignitaries from the world of literature through to big screen stars. But the real beauty lies in the city’s ‘burbs, with its scenic coastlines, and on the outskirts of Dublin, with its picturesque mountains and panoramic views of the city.

If you love the great outdoors, there’s numerous places in and around Dublin to walk; take a pew and view; and wine and dine. Plus it doesn’t have to cost an arm-and-a-leg either. One such place is found in Wicklow Mountains National Park.


Dublin Ireland

Wicklow Mountains National Park covers part of a mountain range that extends over most of County Wicklow on the…

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How America executes its prisoners

“(CNN)Arkansas’ efforts to execute eight Death Row inmates in 11 days this month has refocused attention on the death penalty.

Since peaking in 1999, executions in the US have been gradually declining amid controversy over whether lethal-injection methods are humane.
Capital punishment is still legal in 31 US states. But as the drugs needed for execution get harder to come by, states are getting creative.”

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Nuclear war has become thinkable again

This sudden mania for speaking of nuclear warfare, among men with untrammeled power, should be the No 1 item on the news.’ Photograph: Historical/Corbis via Getty Images.

As Trump faces down North Korea, it’s alarming to think that most of the world’s nuclear warheads are now in the hands of men who are prepared to use them. Last week, Donald Trump deployed his superweapon Moab, the “mother of all bombs” – 10 tonnes of high explosive detonated in mid-air in such a way as to kill, it is claimed, 94 Isis militants. The Russian media immediately reminded us that their own thermobaric bomb – the “father of all bombs” – was four times as powerful: “Kids, meet Daddy,” was how the Kremlin mouthpiece Russia Today put it. But these are child’s play compared with nuclear weapons. The generation waking up to today’s Daily Mail strapline – “World holds its breath” – may need reminding what a nuclear weapon does. 

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Here’s What an Earthquake Looks Like Underwater

Have you ever wondered what an earthquake looks like under water?

Well, a group of divers in the Philippines found out first-hand. While filming their dive, an earthquake that measured 5.6 on the Richter Scale shook the bottom of the ocean. Jan Paul Rodriguez was holding the camera when the earthquake occurred.

“It felt like there was a huge propeller of a big boat turning around directly above us,” he said to Newsflare. “We heard underwater the trembling of rocks under the ground and we felt the shock wave, it hurt our ears, feeling heavy breathing and sudden changes in pressure. The seabed pumped up and down immediately followed by a strong shaking of the ground and small rocks falling.” For more on this click here.